© Edmonton Pet Photography

© Edmonton Pet Photography

Based on cat cafes which began in Asia, the Edmonton Pop-Up Cat Cafe allows patrons to buy a ticket and book time to spend with adoptable cats over coffee.

Before and during their reserved time slot, patrons can buy a drink and food from our coffee partner. All food and beverages are allowed inside the cat enclosure.

All patrons sign a liability waiver before joining the cats.
Just in case because...well...cats can be jerks!

There are 25 spots available per hour during each of the 12 hours over the two day event. This ensures the comfort and safety of the cats while allowing the patrons to enjoy one-on-one time with the adoptable animals. 

All of the cats and kittens at the cafe are up for adoption. However the adoption process has multiple steps, so a patron won't go home with an animal directly from the cafe.


1. You don't like being woken up from a nap, so don't wake a sleepin' cat
Please extend the same courtesy to our feline guests. It's the golden rule after all.
Plus sleeping cats are flippin' adorable. Am I right?!

2. Cats can be jerks --- it's part of their charm
Felines can be...well...catty. We're not liable for any scratches or bites you may get while visiting with the animals at the Edmonton Pop-up Cat Cafe. 

3. Don't feed the animals
The animals are well taken care of by the rescue society --- not to worry. Please help us to keep them that way by not allowing cats to sample your eats or bevies. Keep a lid on your beverages to make sure cats don't help themselves to your coffee and potentially knocking it over making a hot mess.

4. Don't pick the cats up
Respect the independent nature of cats, let them be their curious selves and they'll love you for it. Please let the animals come to you.

5. No outside animals allowed
The animals at the cat cafe are in tip-top shape and we don't want to introduce anything that might be detrimental to them.

Please note: You will be required to fill-out a liability waiver before entering the cafe


1. Can I bring my own cat to the cafe?
No. The animals at the cat cafe are in tip-top shape and we don't want to introduce anything that might be detrimental to them.

2. Are kids allowed?
Yes, it's an all-ages event. Kids over 2 years of age need a ticket. 

3. Does a ticket include a free coffee?
No. Transcend Coffee will be selling an assortment of beverages on site which you are welcome to bring into the cat enclosure.

4. I don't plan on adopting a cat, can I still come?
Yes, absolutely. It's about snuggling cats and kittens more than anything else. Your time and cuddles are appreciated!

5. Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?
No. A digital version of your ticket works too or some photo ID.

6. What is the refund policy?
You can get a full refund any time before October 22, 2016. Just request a refund via EventBrite and we'll be happy to help you out.