Edmonton Pop Up Cat Cafe

For the first time, a similar format café was opened in Taipei, Taiwan, back in 1998. The establishment became so popular that it soon turned into a real tourist site: travelers from all over the world came to play with cats.

 From Taipei, the concept was brought to Japanese Osaka, thereby launching a real boom in the country of the rising sun. Today, only in Tokyo dozens of cat cafes successfully work.

Of course, Europeans could not ignore the unusual format. The first kotokofe opened in St. Petersburg in 2011, a year later – in Vienna. Then fashion swept the cities of Germany, France, England, and Italy. Next, to the relay, people in business from Canada and the USA joined.

Well, a little more time: and the first Cat Cafe was opened in Almaty! And a vital institution appeared not somewhere in the center of the city, but in a residential area.

 Almaty Cat Cafe has become a new home for fourteen cats. True, one already had time to pick up the “regulars” of the institution. So they became attached to her during the first week of the café’s work.

Cats came here from the orphanage and streets, each with a hard fate. For example, a cat without ears and a tail was rescued by volunteers – it was just set on fire for the sake of fun. Now he though and the shyest, but gradually gets used, gets habitable. All animals underwent precise veterinary control, vaccinated.

In Cat Cafe you will not be given a menu: it just does not exist. The maximum that you will be offered is tea, coffee, and various snacks. They come here not to eat – but to spend time with fluffy friends, to communicate with like-minded people, to relax.