Edmonton Pop Up Cat Cafe

Our Experience In A Cafe With Cats

We are both passionate severe about the curiosities of this world, and in Tokyo, we are like Disney. A place where people pay to go playing with cats for one-hour shifts is something that caught our attention, so before arriving in Tokyo, we wrote an email to one of the 40. The first one that appeared with the English page when searching on Google was one “Nekorobi.” We contacted you by telling you about Marking the Pole and our interest in visiting the café to share this very Japanese place with the readers. The next day they replied that they were happy to invite us. Let’s go Marking the Pole … so much effort has its reward!

We arrived in Ikebukuro, a kind of Tokyo red zone, full of masturbating rooms, cabarets, massage parlors, places where a girl passes a cotton ball over your ear while whispering something to you and, among all this, some Neko-cafés. Yes, cats are where they feel best.

After getting into the first coffee with a cat logo we saw, we found what we were looking for. In the door, there was a blackboard with drawings of tender cats because from the pornography to the traffic signals, everything has to have a kawaii touch (tender, childish). We climbed the elevator and found a corridor where more people were waiting their turn. It seems that we are not the only ones. Inside we can see that there are some foreign children, but the rest are all adults, especially young couples or friends. I can not imagine in Buenos Aires telling my friends “she, does coffee with cats come out today?” Well, I think they would imagine other types of cats.

While we wait, we are approached by a girl dressed as a cheerleader for children’s parties, or rather, as a circus outing, and in a very kawaii voice (tender, childish, irritating!) Gives us a list of rules of conduct.

Lisa, the kawaii girl, is our hostess, as she speaks fluent English. He was born in the United States, and at nine he returned to Japan with his family. While we leaf through a kind of portfolio with photos, names, and characteristics of each cat, people continue to arrive, although some leave when they see the line. In the same block, there are three Neko-cafés, but today is Saturday, and this is a very popular outing (I imagine again … “Today is Saturday, we all get together in the cafe with cats!” … hmm, no).

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